Jan Devereux Endorses Patty Nolan for City Council

Patty is especially thrilled that Jan Devereux – neighbor, role model, engaged and passionate advocate, and extraordinarily dedicated City Councillor – spoke at her kickoff, and wholeheartedly supports her candidacy for the Council. Watch Jan speak on this video:

Patty and Jan Devereux with their bikes

…or, for a quick summary, here are a few snippets from Jan’s remarks:

“I couldn’t be happier that my friend Patty is hopefully going to take my place [on City Council] because I honestly can’t think of anyone who has as many of the qualities that people have appreciated in me. Patty has them, and has even more experience.”

“I have really admired her work as a school committee member. She does her homework. She is not afraid to speak truth to power, to take brave stands, to be the one vote against something.”

“What you see is what you get… Patty’s values are impeccable. We don’t have to worry about Patty being corrupted.”

“I want to give Patty a shout out for her environmental values… Quinton Zonvervan is great on that but he needs people who really understand these issues, and Patty does. I’m pleased there will be another councilor who will be a strong advocate for bicycle safety.”

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