Supporting Patty Financially

Even though my campaigns are VERY low-cost, I still rely on donations from people like you, particularly because I am very careful to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  I need your support, and no amount is too small to be helpful.  Thank you!

Legal Requirements, Amounts, Restrictions

Individuals may donate up to $1000 to a candidate each calendar year.  Couples may donate $2000 if both individuals are listed as donors ($1000 each). 

For donations of $200 or more, we must report the donor’s occupation and employer.  It’s a legal requirement, so please let us know by including a message when you donate.

If you are a real estate developer, representative of the fossil fuel industry, or a cannabis industry executive seeking to do business in Cambridge, please do not make a donation. To avoid the appearance of and potential for conflicts of interest, The Committee to Elect Patty Nolan will not accept it.

to donate online...

…click “Donate Online,” below, to donate via credit card or PayPal. If donating more than $200, please make sure to include a message about your profession and employer.

to donate by check...

Make your check out to: Committee to Elect Patty Nolan and send it to:

    184 Huron Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02138

On your check or in a note, please provide donor name(s), address and, for donations over $200, your occupation(s) and employer(s).

Thank you!!!

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