In 2005, as a new parent of children in the Cambridge schools, I decided to get involved. Now, after 14 years on School Committee, I hope to bring to City Council the same transparency, good governance, commitment to diverse stakeholders, and critical thinking that led me to be an effective and positive leader on School Committee, and which led thousands of Cantabrigians (even folks who disagree with me sometimes) to support me. Now I need your support more than ever. And I need your #1 vote.

2019 Campaign Announcement

And if you liked this announcement, then get psyched for Patty’s new video on CCTV!

And if you liked this announcement, then get psyched for Patty’s new video on CCTV!

Patty's Priorities

One of Cambridge’s greatest strengths is our city’s resources and collective intelligence, which leads our leaders to develop plans, conduct surveys, hire consultants, and produce reports. Too often those plans, surveys, and reports are not used in a comprehensive, coordinated way to ensure that goals are met, progress is made and effective solutions implemented. Simply put, we need to do a better job of walking our talk about being a progressive and leading city.  Learn More

Nothing else will matter if the planet continues on the current path of truly unsustainable growth. Like most issues, Cambridge cannot solve the problem on its own, and yet we can be more of a leader in reducing emissions, trying new solutions and providing example other cities can follow.  Learn More

Our city thrives when people feel respected, their input is honored and they have a say in changes. We rely on neighborliness to keep the spirit of openness alive and to spark engagement.  We must foster groups working together and encourage the connections between people and groups that make for vibrant neighborhoods.  Learn More

This concept includes arts, diversity, effective transportation, sane development, and more. My priorities center on a relentless focus on the arts, inclusion, diversity, accessible affordable public transit, supporting multi-modal forms of transit, and sustainable development.   Learn More

We all know it: There’s a crisis of affordable housing in Cambridge. Only very wealthy people can afford to buy or, increasingly, rent unless they qualify for subsidies. Inclusionary zoning, higher linkage fees, and Section 8 rent changes based on zip codes have led to more units being affordable. But the need, and the complexity of the issues involved, are both tremendous. We must thoughtfully assess new proposals to understand their likely effectiveness and secondary impacts.  Learn More

On School Committee I was a passionate effective advocate for higher expectations, bold goals, engaged classrooms and more programs like Montessori and bilingual immersion that close achievement gaps and are highly desirable by families. City Council role in education is around buildings – where we need to build more schools – and expanding preschools, afterschools and summer program with an eye on quality and joy.  Learn More


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