The Race is on and I'm running!

In case you were wondering: Yes, I am running for re-election. I’m on the ballot. I love the job. I’ve accomplished a lot. And… there is much more to do. To learn more, check out my new video on CCTV or scroll down.

Please help me get re-elected. Sign up here to help out and here to donate. Stay tuned; I’ll soon announce events where you can hear in person why I deserve re-election and ask questions.

If there’s one thing for which I stand, it’s accountability – the City’s and the Council’s – to the voters, to commitments we make, to decision-making grounded in data and solid analysis, to listening carefully to all points of view, to addressing the true complexity of the issues we face, and to principles of responsible governance.

I’m excited to serve and proud to play an important role on council, working collaboratively – and accountably – with my colleagues and the City staff.  I do my homework, ask the tough and important questions, and I GET STUFF DONE!  Some of my accomplishments this term include:

  • Essential leadership on groundbreaking climate initiatives
  • Influential in hiring a fantastic City Manager
  • Progress on Universal PreK (finally!)
  • First ever inclusive early budget meetings for input by the Council and the community

…and there is more to do, including:

  • Increase funding for affordable housing (transfer fee, linkage), attention to middle income residents, and accountability with regard to costs.
  • Develop the programs and support systems to ensure our climate initiatives are impactful and city-provided supports are sufficient
  • Ensure the installation of a citywide network of bike lanes is done with accountability, monitoring, oversight, better design and implementation, and effective communication.
  • Further develop a city culture that is responsive and respectful.

To get a sense of my recent work, take a look at my news page.  Browse my priorites, below.  And click the “I’d like to stay informed” box here to receive my newsletters via email.

Patty's Priorities

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Some of my most deeply held values are accountability and transparency. And I have lived them as a councillor. As co-chair of the Finance Committee, I worked to make the budget process more open to the public, transparent, and collaborative with staff and the Council than ever before. Read More

Nothing else will matter if the planet continues on its current path. And thus far, Cambridge has failed to meet every emissions reduction goal we have set for the past decade. My leadership, focus, and collaboration with colleagues, is a key reason we’ve adopted regulations calling for reduction of building emissions (BEUDERO) and requirements for new buildings to be fossil fuel-free. Read More

Too many residents feel left out of the city’s decision-making. And we have not always been honest about our lapses in seeking input or communicating about proposals, projects and plans. The city can and must communicate more, and more transparently, as well as listen better. Read More

There’s a need for more affordable housing in Cambridge. Only very wealthy people can afford to buy or, increasingly, to rent. I believe everyone has a right to housing. Yet we all know that Cambridge cannot house everyone in need in the state. While that sounds obvious, we need to grapple openly and honestly with this fact. Both the need and the complexity of the issues involved are tremendous.  Read More

We need to imagine and build a city for the future. More than a quarter of the land in Cambridge (perhaps as much as one-third) is used for public ways – roads and sidewalks. We need to continue to build a network of safe, protected bike lanes, encourage public transit use and walking, and also listen to our small businesses, seniors and mobility-limited residents. Read More

Over and over, Cambridge residents ask for thoughtful planning and for a comprehensive approach to the development of the city. And over and over, we have not provided that planning; we research, sometimes with public input, and generate reports, reports and more reports; yet we do not produce comprehensive overarching plans that then serve as our guides.  Read More

My knowledge of the schools – after 14 years on School Committee and two children who went through the Cambridge Schools – combined with my willingness to do research means that you have a councillor able to ask the right questions, and critically evaluate our educational decision-making and programs. Core to my thinking is equity, which comes from holding high standards for all students and supporting them so they can achieve them. Read More

Our city has a phenomenal public safety record and yet for many residents, local government is not seen as a safe haven. And the complex social issues of mental health and drug use, which has spilled over into our streets, make for a challenging environment for our community, residents and public safety staff. I support our new Dept. of Community Safety and the Cambridge Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team (HEART) as important initiatives. We need to recognize that the police and the courts are only one part of a larger system that must include a robust social welfare response and resources at the state level to help deal with our issues.  Read More

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Patty's Pledge

I love this job, am honored to have it. I pledge to continue playing the unique and critical role that has led so many of you to support me.  To those who didn’t support me, know first that at one time or another, almost all of my supporters have disagreed with me about something important to them. They stick with me because I am honest with them, listen carefully, do my best to bring together all points of view into appropriate and reasonable policy, and I change my mind when the facts call for it.

I stand for accountability — the City’s and the Council’s — to the voters: to commitments we make, to decision-making grounded in data and solid analysis, to listening carefully to all points of view, to addressing the true complexity of the issues we face, and to principles of responsible governance. 

The issues we face demand no less.

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