School Committee Motion: Montessori, Bi-Lingual and Data-Driven Decision-Making

In my final months on School Committee, I have been hard at work for the wellbeing of students and parents and for our school system’s effectivness.  Please see the message below; it’s about the configuration of our schools so they will better meet student and family needs.  It’s also about using data to drive our

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Thank You Cambridge!

I’m so excited about my solid victory in the Council election. Thank you, Cambridge! Look here for the detailed round-by-round statistics on the rank-choice voting. I’m honored to have been elected, and so pleased that it was decisive. I understand that you elected me for my emphasis on: listening to all views; use of sound

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Ayanna Pressley Endorses Patty

Patty was thrilled to hear that she has been endorsed by Ayanna Pressley! Rep. Pressley is an incredible leader, a thoughtful, courageous role model. And Patty is honored to be on the slate on candidates for Cambridge City Council endorsed by her. If elected to Council, Patty hopes to learn from her, follow her, support

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Cambridge Residents Alliance Endorses Patty

In endorsing Patty, the CRA stated that their endorsed candidates “…all seek bold change through policies and programs that create and preserve affordable housing, protect tenants from displacement in an unforgiving housing market, increase democratic participation in elections including campaign finance reform, improve equity and justice, and ensure Cambridge is preparing for climate change. Endorsed

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Patty Makes Her Case on CCTV

Check out Patty’s video on CCTV and then share your thoughts here. If you want more depth on her thinking, check out the priorities web page on this site. After 14 years on School Committee, she’s bringing to the Council her ability to ask the right questions, willingness to be held accountable by remembering plans

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