Calling for Charter Review Committee Members! Apply Today!

In November 2021, Cambridge voters decided that a review the City's charter was overdue.


An exciting opportunity for civic engagement is here – and next week is the deadline to apply! After last year’s successful ballot question to establish a charter review committee every ten years, starting in 2022, the first committee is being established!  Please spread the word about the opportunity to serve  – forward this information to everyone you know in Cambridge.  

The City Council is looking for registered voters  to serve on the Charter Review Committee. This Committee will review the City’s Charter, gather ideas and input from the community and eventually forward recommendations to the City council about potential charter changes. The changes could involve the nature of elected officials (like Everett did when it went from 25 select board members to an 11-person council with 5 at large and 6 neighborhood based), and/or division of responsibilities (for example amendments to how the City Manager and City council share authority around the budget), and/or the structure of government, (like Framingham did 5 years ago – to transform its form of governance to a mayor ) to any other governance included in a city’s charter.

This is your chance to serve the community, improve the effectiveness of our local government, and make real and positive change in Cambridge. There will likely be a few meetings a month for 10-12 months.

The deadline to self-nominate to serve on the Charter Review Committee is next Tuesday, June 28th.

Application is below! Reach out if you have any questions.

– Patty

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