Good Governance

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as Patty talks with more folks to further refine her thinking!
One of Cambridge’s greatest strengths is our city’s resources and collective intelligence, which leads our leaders to develop plans, conduct surveys, hire consultants, and produce reports. Too often those plans, surveys, and reports are not used in a comprehensive, coordinated way to ensure that goals are met, progress is made and effective solutions implemented.  Share your thoughts

Climate Crisis

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as Patty talks with more folks to further refine her thinking!
Nothing else will matter if the planet continues on the current path of truly unsustainable growth. Like most issues, Cambridge cannot solve the problem on its own, and yet we can be more of a leader in reducing emissions, trying new solutions and providing example other cities can follow.  Share your thoughts

As a result of Patty’s committment to the environment, the Mass Sierra Club has endorsed her!

Fostering Neighborhoods

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as Patty talks with more folks to further refine her thinking!
Cambridge is made up of neighborhoods and our city thrives when people feel respected, their input is honored and they have a say in changes. We rely on neighborliness to keep the spirit of openness alive – we must foster groups working together and encourage connections.  Share your thoughts

Livable, Welcoming City

UNDER CONSTRUCTION as Patty talks with more folks to further refine her thinking!
This priority area has many prongs – to be a livable welcoming city requires a focus on the arts, on inclusion, on respecting diversity, on accessible affordable public transit, on supporting multi-modal forms of transit, and on sustainable development.

Transportation is a major challenge in Cambridge, partly for reasons of livability and partly for environmental reasons.  Walking and biking are an important part of the solution, along with public transportation, and a shift away from fossil-fueled vehicles.  Patty is a habitual bicyclist around Cambridge and occasionally goes much further (most recently from Buffalo to Syracuse).  She has also pledged to work toward a comprehensive bicycle safety  plan.

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Patty and friends did the Erie Canal bike ride in July 2019
Erie Canal Bike Tour 2019

Affordable Housing

Everyone knows there is a crisis in affordable housing. Cambridge has become a city where only very wealthy people can afford to buy or, increasingly, rent unless they qualify for subsidies. Progress IS possible, though, and has been made through inclusionary zoning percent increases, higher linkage fees, and section 8 rent changes based on zip codes.  What’s next in addressing this critical issue?

The issues and proposed solutions are complex. And even the most well-intended policies can have unintended and problematic consequences.  They all involve trade-offs that demand careful — and transparent — consideration.  We must be thoughtful and thorough in assessing proposals such as the affordable housing overlay and its alternatives to understand their likely effectiveness, economic efficiency, and secondary impacts. Only then can we make sound decisions — informed by a full range of policy options and with an understanding of the trade-offs between them — to effectively address one of the City’s, and Patty’s, highest priorities. Take a look at Patty’s August 6 Cambridge Chronicle piece to learn about her developing understanding of, and current thoughts about, the overlay and the process that has led to it.  Then share your thoughts


UNDER CONSTRUCTION as Patty talks with more folks to further refine her thinking!
On School Committee I was a passionate effective advocate for higher expectations, bold goals, engaged classrooms and more programs like Montessori and bilingual immersion that close achievement gaps and are highly desirable by families. City Council role in education is around buildings – where we need to build more schools – and expanding preschools, afterschools and summer program with an eye on quality and joy.  Share your thoughts

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