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Boston Globe Business Section - Melrose mounts electric car chargers on poles


The news from COP26 – the climate conference in Glasgow – has dominated the news for good reason.  This email is mostly being sent to get your input into what Cambridge can do to address the climate crisis… read on…

First, Happy Veterans Day weekend – tomorrow I plan to attend the opening of the Universal Design Playground along Field Street – on the edge of Danehy Park.  All are welcome. 

This newsletter is short since the council meeting next week will mostly center on policy orders we did not finish discussing this past Monday.

The two policy orders I introduced last week, POR 2021 #246 – Alewife Quad Temporary Moratorium and POR 2021 #247: Upper Mass. Ave. Bike Lane Improvements were calendared for next week. During discussion on Monday, two of my colleagues exercised their charter right, meaning the discussion and vote on these policy orders automatically takes place at the next meeting. I look forward to continuing the conversation next Monday and I will let you know how the Council votes.

Ever wanted to have the city do more to address the climate crisis?  Ever think “Why don’t we……”   ?  Ever have an idea you think is implementable and could make a difference – tiny or huge?  Now is your chance!!!  Just like Melrose having EV chargers on utility poles…..what can we do.

The Climate Crisis Working Group (CCWG) is continuing to work on solutions to the climate crisis. We have identified several big actions the city can take, we are also considering smaller efforts that would be quicker and easier to implement while larger programs are being solidified. If you can think of anything to add to the list, please let us know! A preliminary list of a few ideas include:

  • End the practice of a truck driving through the city every weekday for ten months spewing emissions to remind people about street cleaning – instead rely on texting and emailing for those who want a reminder 
  • Ban all gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers (California just did this – Cambridge should lead the East Coast) 
  • Permeable material required in all driveways, walkways, and wherever possible in construction
  • No municipal funds spent on beef products – since they are high carbon – including school department, all city events, and city councillor meals
  • All new municipal vehicles must be electric
  • Require that trips made for city business by employees of city hall not be completed in a solo-occupancy fossil-fuel-consuming car (i.e. city business transportation much either be completed with multiple people in car, by public transit or by bike, or in electric vehicle).
  • Purchase some number of e-bikes for use by city employees to be maintained in accordance with any other city fleet vehicles.
  • fines for idling in cars that is enforced
  • formal climate education in CPS schools
  • Start or join an urban wood salvage program to give trees felled (intentionally or unintentionally, e.g. from a storm or due to old age) in Cambridge a second life and to sequester their carbon in long-lived wood products
  • Start a mural program to depict themes of responding to climate change, ecological flourishing or other environmental education topics

 SEND YOUR IDEA now!!!  The CCWG knows that crowd sourcing will help us all.  All ideas will be considered – so go for it!


TRIVIA QUESTION: What records were broken with this election?

Answer: Sumbul Siddiqui had the highest percent of #1 votes in history AND Burhan Azeem is the youngest person ever elected to City Council

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